Shri Shiva Temple

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  • Shiva Temple Exterior
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  • Shiva Temple Interior
  • Shiva Temple Interior

Shri Shiva Temple, Muscat also known as Motishwar Mandir

Shri Shiva Temple is situated in Muscat near Sultan’s Palace about 35kms from Seeb Airport. This temple was constructed by Merchant community from Gujarat settled in Muscat centuries back. The Shiva Temple was originally constructed 109 years back. Subsequently the Temple was extensively renovated/ reconstructed in the year 1999 having required facilities for devotees for worshiping.

Shiva Temple complex have following temples in the premises:

  1. Shri Adi Motishwar Mahadev Temple
  2. Shri Motishwar Mahadev Temple
  3. Shri Hanumanji Temple

The Temple is open throughout the year from morning 5:30am to 11:30am and evening 5:00pm to 9:00pm from Sunday to Friday and on Saturday from morning 5:30am to 11:30am and evening 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

During the weekdays about 400 devotees visit the temple while on weekends 1500 to 4000 devotee. During the auspicious days/ festivals like Mahashivratri, Diwali, New Year Day etc. about 5000 to 15000 devotees visit the temple for prayers.

There are three priests in Shiva Temple along with 3 support staff and 4 administrative staff working for Temple in addition to volunteers rendering their services according to their convenient timings.

Shri Shiva Temple, Muscat is managed by Management of Hindu Temple recognized body by Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs. Management of Hindu Temple is a voluntary organization representing Banyan Merchant Community in Muscat- the community which has settled in Oman over centuries.

Shri Mahesh Raval, Shri Alpesh Joshi and Shri Shankar Narayan Rao, priests of Shri Shiva Temple perform various pujas and prayers as per Hindu religion rituals.

Following are the festivals celebrated in Shri Shiva Temple:

  1. Vasant Panchmi Muscat Temple Anniversary
  2. MahaShivratri Birthday of Lord Shiva
  3. Ramnavmi Birthday of Lord Rama
  4. Hanuman Jayanti Birthday of Lord Hanuman
  5. Shravan Month The Holy Month of the Hindu Calendar when people offer prayers & fast.
  6. Ganesh Festival Celebration of Lord Ganesha

As per directives from Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs all the religious festivals and functions are organized/ celebrated in the Temple premises/ Hall. All the Government authorities are very cooperative in permitting/ helping in the organizing of the various religious functions.

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