Shri Krishna Temple

  • Sree Kishna Temple, Oman
  • Sree Kishna Temple, Oman

Shri Krishna Temple, Darsait

Shri Krishna Temple is situated in Darsait near Church and is about 28-30kms from Seeb Airport. This temple was constructed by Merchant Community from Gujarat settled in Muscat, in the year 1987 and subsequently extensively renovated in the year 2013 having all the facilities for devotees to worship alongwith a Multi Purpose Hall having capacity of 500-700 worshipers to take part in the function organsed by the Management.

Krishna Temple complex, Darsait have following temples in the premises:

  1. Shri Krishna Temple
  2. Shri Ganeshji Temple
  3. Shri Mataji Temple

The Temple is open through out the year from morning 5:30am to 11:30am and evening 5:00pm to 9:30pm.

During the weekdays about 400 number of devotees visit the temple while in weekends 2500 to 3500 devotees. During the auspicious days like Janmashtmi, Diwali, New Year Day etc. there are approximately  5000 to 7000 devotees visiting the temple.

There are two priests in Krishna Temple along with 14 support staff working for Temple in addition to volunteers rendering their services according to their convenient timings.

Shri Krishna Temple, Darsait is also managed by Management of Hindu Temple recognized body by Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs. Management of Hindu Temple is a voluntary organization representing Banyan Merchant Community in Muscat, that has been established in the Sultanate over centuries.

Shri Arun Vyas and Shri Jayant Vyas, priests of Shr Krishna Temple perform various pujas and prayers as per Hindu religion rituals.

Following are the festivals celebrated in Shri Krishna Temple:

  1. Holi :-This is the harvest festival – A religious bonfire is lit & prayers are offered & people put colours on each other.
  2. Chaitra Navratri :- Celebration of Goddess Durga
  3. Dariyalal Jayanti :- Lord of Sea Celebration
  4. Vishu :- South Indian New Year
  5. Ramnavami :- Birthday of Lord Ram
  6. Hanuman Jayanti :- Birthday of Lord Hanuman
  7. Maha Prabhuji :- Celebration of Saint Maha Prabhuji Patotsav
  8. Ganga Dashera :- Celebration by way of prayers
  9. Vat Savitri :- Prayers & Fasting is done by wife for long life and happiness of her husband
  10. Kutchhi New Year :- New year of Kutchhi Community
  11. Rathyatra :- Replica of lord Shri Krishna's Chariot
  12. Guru Poornima :- Prayers for Guru's i.e. Teachers respect
  13. Hindola ( Swing) :- A Swing is erected for Lord Krishna which is decorated everyday, with fruits,vegetables, dry fruits, saffron,etc.(One month)
  14. Shravan :- Month The Holy Month of Hindus when people offer prayers & fast
  15. Raksha Bandhan :- Festival of Sisters and Brothers
  16. Janmashtami :- Birthday of Lord Krishna
  17. Nand Mohatsav :- Birthday celebrations of Lord Krishna
  18. Earthern :- Pots are tied on Rope filled with Curd
  19. Ganesh Chaturthi :- Celebration of festival in honour of Lord Ganesha believed to be remover of all obstacles
  20. Onam :- Harvest festival
  21. Navratri :- Celebration of Goddess Durga (10 days)
  22. Chandi Homam :- Celebrated by way of Special prayers
  23. Mahashtmi :- Celebrated by way of Special prayers
  24. Dashera :- Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years
  25. Sharad Purnima :-  Full Moon Celebration
  26. Jalaram Jayanti :- Saint Jalaram birthday
  27. Diwali Festival :- Festival of lights
  28. Annakut :- Special prayers & offerings to lord on Hindu New Year.
  29. New Year :- This is the beginning of the New Calendar Year for Hindus.
  30. Ayyapan Pooja :- Lord Ayyapan Prayers
  31. Temple Anniversary :- Celebrated by way of Special prayers
  32. Various Spiritual Discourses :- Fit in between when Hall is available and performed by various Spiritual Leaders visit Oman.

As per directives from Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs all the religious festivals and functions are organized/ celebrated in the Temple premises/ Hall. All the Government authorities are very cooperative in permitting/ helping in the organizing of the various religious functions.